About us

BEISSERMETALL was already a specialist in metal processing in 1891. However, this head-start in terms of expertise has always been seen as an incentive to maintain and further build on our leading position in terms of precision quality, customer service, skill and innovation. BEISSERMETALL combines south German innovation, hard work, precision and sound business practice. These are precisely the factors which have made the Baden-Württemberg region famous internationally for its products.


Quality management

Our striving for absolute quality means that all processes must be adhered to and monitored – from the receipt of orders, control of incoming goods and creation of manufacturing instructions to final quality control and complete documentation.

As a company absolutely focussed on quality, such processes go without saying. It is therefore natural that our comprehensive QM system is certified to ISO 9001:2015 and that BEISSERMETALL products are often used in quality-critical areas.

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For us it goes without saying that we enlist suitably-qualified new staff and train them ourselves.

That’s why we’re recognised as a training provider by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. And, with our over 100 years of experience, we’re also well aware that long-term success can only be ensured by providing ongoing staff training. We therefore see training not as a one-off event but rather as a continuous process, which allows life-long learning to take place in all fields. Corresponding training measures are thus part of BEISSERMETALL’s recipe for success.

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