Ball court fencing

Local authorities and sports clubs need competent partners when it comes to the planning and construction of sports facilities.

We at BEISSERMETALL offer, thanks to our experience, the perfect support in this area to achieve optimal solutions.

With special ball court fencing, potential problems and expensive later changes can be avoided. Ball court fences must be, for example, extremely robust but also have a certain degree of elasticity. In addition, such fences should not require any maintenance, so as to ensure safety and value. Another factor is that sound insulation should be considered. For example, welding all crossing points can significantly reduce the noise made by ball court fences. Furthermore, it is possible to use damping cushions between the fence and the posts to reduce structure-borne noise to a miniumum, and thus protect the neighbours from noise. 



Detailed advice and product informationcan be obtained via telephone or email or, even better, in person in a comprehensive advisory meeting at our showroom or at your own premises.