Laser welding

BEISSERMETALL has extended its sheet metal processing by laser welding for its customers.

This investment for the future makes it possible for us to manufacture parts for you more economically, as laser welding usually no longer requires reworking of the weld seam.

Since laser welding takes place in pulsed operation, the material has time to dissipate heat and thus the distortion in the sheet metal parts can be extremely minimized.

Thin-walled aluminium can be welded as well as stainless steel sheets in low sheet thicknesses. Stainless steel up to a maximum of 2 mm can still be welded perfectly by our 300W laser.

With laser welding, titanium welds are possible without a special atmosphere. Due to the simple positioning and the possibility of programming, BEISSERMETALL can realize small series as well as large quantities for you.

Ask us for your parts and benefit from our know-how in the field of laser welding and sheet metal processing.